Why You Need a Passport Cover

You may be thinking that passport covers are just to look cute, but they actually serve a real purpose while you are traveling. Even though they are not required for travel, having a passport cover has a lot of benefits that you may not be aware of.  So, other than looking cuter than a regular passport, what are some of the benefits of having one?

Picking the right passport cover is all about what you like. There are tons of styles that can show off your personality as well as being incredibly functional. Here are four of the main benefits that you can expect from picking up a passport cover for your next trip.


They Protect Your Passport from Wear and Tear

Our passports can go through some pretty rough experiences. In addition to opening and closing them every time you head through customs, they can easily get damaged in your bag as well. Without being protected, they are more likely to get ripped pages, bend, and are far more likely to have some sort of water damage. Even if something spills in your bag, a cover is going to protect your passport and keep it in tip top shape.


They Can Protect Your Information

Many passport covers protect your information from those pesky RFID readers that everyone seems to have now. Although most passports have some sort of protection in them, you can never be too careful! A passport cover is also an easy way to keep your passport out of the way of prying eyes and hands. Many countries require you to have some form of identification on you at all times, and for most people they take their passport. Since pickpockets are thieves are real threats, a cover can actually make your passport look like a journal which can reduce the risk of it being stolen.


They Can Make Your Passport Easier to Find

Most of us travel with family or friends, right? If you leave one person in charge of all of your documents, they can often get confused. You will find yourself scrambling in the customs line to make sure that everyone has the correct passport. With a passport cover, you don’t have to worry about that! Your passport will be easily identified from other passports simply by the cover. You will also find that your passport is much easier to find in your travel bag as well. The brighter the cover, the better off you are.


Most Offer Some Organization as Well

Make sure that your passport holder has some sort of organization on the inside. This allows you to put your wallet in a safe place while still having access to ID, cards, or documents that you will find necessary in your travels. You can keep hotel reservations, boarding tickets, or even a little bit of cash or cards while you are traveling too. This keeps your money and information safe.


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