What to Pack for A Winter Cruise

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As we head into the cooler months, you might be looking for an escape to warmer weather. The good news is that cruises are not only affordable, but they also typically go to warm places. Knowing what to pack for a winter cruise will not only make sure you’re prepared, but it will make sure that you’re looking your best too!



There are tons of activities to do during the day on your cruise. From parties by the pool to sales in the stores, exploring the foreign ports-of-call, your days can get pretty busy. While you’re on a cruise there are two different types of days that you’ll want to be prepared for.

Sea Days: These are made up of just cruising the open ocean. It makes for a great time to relax by the pool, or even try to win big money playing bingo in the theater. These days are much more relaxed and you can dress pretty much however you want.  If you’re spending your day by the pool, then you may want to pack a cover-up or beach blanket in case it’s chilly out!

Port Days: Your ship is going to sail to ports-of-call and you’ll have the chance to head out to explore what each location has to offer. Depending on what you want to do, your attire could change drastically! If you’re just planning on touring the port and shopping then you can easily get by with what you wear on the ship. If you plan on doing an excursion or hitting the beach, then you’ll need to bring some comfy joggers or shorts. Don’t forget your bathing suit and cover-up!

Try and pick items that are longer in length if you’re heading to cold temperatures. Jumpsuits, loose knit sweaters, and tunics are great ways to stay warm!


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Cruise ships come alive at night.  From live music to Broadway-quality shows, it is time to dress up! If you packed some sundresses, you can pair them with a some heels and jewelry to completely change the look of your outfit.

One thing to note about nighttime is that it may get a bit chilly on the boat.  Since the AC and air outside are a little bit cooler than during the day, a cute kimono or scarf is an easy way to compliment your outfit as well as stay warm.

You can also bring some maxi dresses on your trip to wear in the evenings as well.


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Formal Nights & Special Events

On cruises, there is typically one night that is set aside for dressing to the nines.  Everyone dresses up on Formal Night to attend special parties such as meeting the captain of the ship. While some people go all out and wear full length gowns, most people prefer a cocktail attire.

One of the best things about your winter cruise are the holiday festivities. Many cruises will have Christmas décor up starting at the end of November. Cruises also throw huge parties on their cruise ships for New Year’s Eve as well. You may want to pack an extra dress or that sparkly number you’ve been eyeing.

Aside from holiday theme soiree, there are always special events on cruises no matter what time of year you set sail. From Caribbean night to Mexican Deck parties to '70s night, you can pack some extra special outfits and be ready for any theme night on board.


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