The Best Packing List for Your Winter Ski Trip

The Best Packing List for Your Winter Ski Trip

So, you are off on a winter ski adventure.  Packing for a ski trip can seem somewhat challenging because of the massive amount of gear that is needed.  And, if you forget something, you’ll either have to go without, or be forced to pay triple at the ski lodge.

Ski Clothes

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way.  Assuming you will be renting your ski gear, you’ll still need ski clothes like a ski jacket, ski pants, mittens, socks and a hat.  Your clothes should be designed for winter weather, for example, your jacket should have a two-layer shell for warmth and protection from the wind.    However, it should be lightweight enough to allow for movement.  Ski mittens should be waterproof and warm.  And while scarves are fine for off the slopes, they are a hazard while skiing so invest in a neck gaiter instead. 

Winter Boots

Your boots should be warm, waterproof, and have a decent tread for traction in the snow.  This is not the occasion for stiletto heels.  Stylish boot options will work both to and off the slopes.   Plus, bringing a dual-purpose pair will cut down on the number of shoes you will need to pack. 

Base Layers

Base layers are essential to staying warm on the mountain.  Base layers should be breathable, and not made of cotton.  One or two sets of layers should be enough, depending on how long you are staying.  Tip:  Base layers can easily be rolled up into other spaces in your bag to save on space.

Other Clothes

Although you will be in your ski clothing for most of the trip, you will need other clothing items.  Pack a fleece or two to wear under your ski jacket on cold days and for when you come off the slopes.  Depending on where you are staying, you might also need a swimsuit, coverup, and flip flops for the indoor pool or hot tub.  And, if you decide to grab some dinner, skinny jeans and a few cozy sweaters will be more than enough as après ski is usually very casual.

Lip Balm, Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Unfortunately, skiing and other winter sports cause chapped lips.  Pack a heavy-duty lip balm like Aquaphor or Carmex.  Slather it on at night before bed and again in the morning before you hit the slopes.  Put a little on your cheeks too to prevent wind burn.   It is always a good idea to protect your face from the strong rays at high altitudes so even on the coldest days, use sunscreen on your face.  And, protect your eyes from the glare too with sunglasses

Hand and Foot Warmers

Adhesive hand and foot warmers really work to keep you warm on even the coldest mountain tops.  They last for hours and are great for those days where the wind is cutting.  Plus, they can be tucked into shoes or other items when packing.

Even though there is a lot to pack for a ski vacation, our packing cubes will compress and organize all of your belongings so you can hit the slopes with everything you need

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