How to Pack for Two Weeks in A Carry On

When it comes to preparing for a trip, packing can be one of the most stressful parts. Packing does not have to be as stressful as you might think it is, and with the price of checked bags increasing, it is time to save some money. Here is how you can pack everything you need for two weeks in just a carry-on bag!


Start Using A Packing List

Personally, I always travel with just a carry-on bag. These are all tips that I have used to travel not only to Japan and Italy but in the US as well for weeks at a time with just one bag. If you are not already using a packing list, then this is the time to start.

The best way to approach a packing list is to figure out what you are doing on your vacation. If you have events to attend, then you are going to need dresses, shoes, and accessories. If you are going to your destination just to site see, your packing list is going to be much smaller.

Here are some packing list tips:

  • Write down everything you think you need to bring for your trip
  • From that list, start cutting out things that you can do without
  • Pack items that you can use multiple times
    • Leggings can be worn day and night
  • Bathing suits can double as bodysuits
  • All of your items should be able to be worn together

If you have created the perfect packing list, then you should have less than you usually pack. If you are going on a two-week vacation, then theoretically you’ll have clothes for five of those days. Before you panic, I have never been on a trip where I was not able to do laundry or at least have it done. You can pack travel-size detergent to make sure that you can get everything clean.


Utilize Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are one of the best things to purchase if you are someone who enjoys traveling. By using packing cubes, it not only helps keep your suitcase organized, but it also reduces the amount of wasted space that we all tend to have in our luggage.

Packing cubes come in different sizes. If you are using a smaller carry-on, then try using the smaller options in your packing cube set. Packing cubes also making packing your bag while you are on your trip much easier. It can sometimes be challenging to get your suitcase to be as organized as it was before you left.

Keep Toiletries Down to a Minimum

One of the easiest ways to ruin your perfect packing is by bringing along too many toiletries! A popular way to avoid taking up precious space in your carry-on is by picking up whatever you need at your destination. It is excellent for TSA regulations and it saves so much more room in your bag!

You can also consider splitting toiletries if you are traveling with others. Someone can be responsible for shampoo, while the others in your travel party can bring the sunscreen and body wash. This method works well if you’re not wed to your beauty and hygiene products.

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