6 Tips to Travel Lightly for a Long Weekend in Europe

Checking luggage can be such a headache---not only the added expense but waiting on the additional line to put it on the conveyor belt.  Not to mention having to wait for the bag once you arrive at your destination.   Being able to fit everything you need in a carry on suitcase by packing lightly will mean you can hit the ground running and maximize your time in Europe.  Here are six items you will need to make the most of your short trip. 

Neck Wallet

 A neck wallet is a great way to keep all of your documents, credit cards and money secure in one place.  It’s not the most fashionable look, but you can hide it under your clothes, and no one will know that it is there.  When you do need an item from the wallet, you can easily pull it out without losing anything else in the wallet. 

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes will make it easy to keep the items in your suitcase separate.  They also maximize the space available in a small suitcase.  Looking for a clean shirt?  Take it from the cube with the clean clothes, not the dirty ones.  CraveLyfe offers different sets for all of your packing needs.  Check out our 8 piece set, 7 piece set, or 6 piece set.

Travel Accessories

Use one of your packing cubes for all your travel accessories or try our mini carrying case to keep your small items organized.  A USB Universal Travel Adapter will ensure your electronics won’t blow a fuse.  Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, lotion, chapstick, and any medications that you take and might not be able to get in Europe.  Use travel sized bottles for your cosmetics and toiletries. 

European Simcard

You want to be able to have access to an Uber, directions to your hotel, or where to grab a bite to eat the minute you get off the plane.  A simcard that works in all European countries is a lot cheaper than paying hefty roaming fees.  You can purchase one that will last you the entire trip. 

Water Bottle

Buying bottled water can get expensive as you travel.   Traveling with your own lightweight water bottle with a filter not only saves money but ensures that you are drinking safe water because the last thing you want is to get sick on your short trip to Europe!  It can easily be tucked into the outside portion of your suitcase without taking up additional space. 

Layered Clothing

Sometimes weather in the fall can be somewhat unpredictable.  It might start off chilly in the morning but be warm by the afternoon.  This is where layers really come in handy.  Our striped cardigan can be worn over black leggings or jeans, or paired with a dress for dinner.  Another option is a poncho sweater which can be worn with a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt underneath depending on the temperature.  This is also a great option for the plane ride as it can double as a pillow!  A classic floral print scarf will keep your neck warm while making you look stylish. 

With a little pre-planning, packing lightly for a short trip to Europe is possible.  And you can get off the plane and get started with your vacation immediately when you have all you need in one suitcase. 

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