5 Things You Should Do in San Antonio

Not only is San Antonio full of history, but it also is one of the most popular destinations in the country to visit.  With both old and new favorites, here are the top five things you should do on your next trip to San Antonio!


Head to the River Walk

The River Walk is one of the most popular areas of San Antonio and for good reason.  You can stay, play, eat, and drink all in one area that has some beautiful views, and some serious history. You can find very touristy areas along the walk, but you can also find some hidden gems that allow you to just enjoy your time. Try taking a boat ride down the river for some incredible views or watch a live Mariachi band while you enjoy dinner!


Get Back to Nature in Government Canyon State Natural Area

Sometimes you just have to get back to nature. This is a 12,000 acre area that not only protects the city’s drinking water, but it also acts as a great refuge to get away from city life. There are more than 40 miles of different trails you can enjoy, as well as camp, picnic, or just enjoy your surroundings. If you head out on the Joe Johnston Route, you will pass dinosaur tracks from over 110 million years ago! You can reserve your entrance in advance too.


Visit San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

While you are in San Antonio, you cannot miss this! Take a trip back in time at a UNESCO World Heritage Site to learn about Spanish colonial history. You will visit the Mission Concepcion, Mission Espada, Mission Valero (The Alamo), Rancho de las Cabras, Mission San Juan, and Mission San Jose. They are all still active Catholic parishes. Although these are located quite a bit of distance from each other, you can easily walk or bike the path between them. The Alamo is also part of these missions as well, so make sure that you spend a little time learning about history in one of the oldest towns in the U.S.


San Antonio is Known for its Art

While you are spending time in San Antonio, you will notice that there is art everywhere. You can find great pieces to take home or you can walk around and admire the work of artists. The Guadalupe Cultural Art Center has the largest Virgin Mary mosaic in the world and you can explore Latino culture through art, dance, music, and theater as well. There is also the La Villita Historic Arts Village located right off of the River Walk too. You can find regional arts and experience some history at the same time.


Enjoy the Local Food Scene

One of the best parts of traveling to other cities is to experience the different type of food they have there.  San Antonio has a bustling food scene with unique restaurants everywhere you turn. The Pearl area has a ton of great places to eat including Savor which is actually staffed by students! If you’re looking to enjoy some steaks while you are in Texas, you can’t miss out on Range for traditional cuts and big flavors! Although you may not be in New Orleans, NOLA Brunch and Beignet is a great place to grab the most iconic treats as well experience one the best brunches in the city!

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